Our newest addition ...

Meet Roxy

I’m excited to introduce you to the newest member of my office staff! Though she can’t answer the phone, schedule appointments, or help with filing and billing, her skills are important and irreplaceable. Her name is Roxy, and she’s a three year old female Pug. Her primary task is to adore everyone who walks in the door.

Roxy’s gentle loving temperament is true to her breed. Pugs originated in ancient China to be the pampered companions to emperors. Some think they were the original Fu Dogs. They were also the favorite pets of Buddhist monks in Tibetan monasteries, and became the official dog of the House of Orange after being brought to Europe by Dutch and Portuguese merchants.

Roxy’s placid demeanor is reminiscent of an old Taoist sage. She will enjoy all the affection you want to lavish on her, but won’t yap, bark, jump up, or otherwise annoy you. Her great talent is sitting in a quiet meditative pose, peacefully watching the world go by. I think she’s doing Qigong most of the time.

I found Roxy through Chico Pug Rescue. She grew up in a large family of people and dogs, but got adopted out when her family lost their house. I’m happy to be able to give her a loving home, and the perfect Pug job of “office dog.” She will also be in training as a “therapy dog” so that she can eventually visit patients in hospitals and nursing homes.

I hope you’ll visit soon, and welcome Roxy to my staff!

Roxy the acudog